Saint John at Trout Creek Bible Camp.

Saint John

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While attending Multnomah University (then Multnomah School of the Bible) from 1987-1993, I was in a christian rock band called Saint John. We played at youth groups, youth rallys, churches and schools encouraging kids to follow God and worship Him with their lives. We developed a following and were blessed to minister to a whole lot of young people!

The original band members were:
Rich Morris - an incredible drummer and a great showman. He could captivate the crowd with his twirling drum sticks and animated drumming. Rich and I had actually played music together since we were in Junior High School in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. He now lives in Kentucky and I hardly ever see him let alone play music with him...bummer.

Louie Leonardo - bass player extrodinare. Louie had history in the music scene and was a huge help in getting our band on the path to success. He was the veteran that we needed to get us in shape to act like a band! He's the only one who knew how hard it would be to be on the road and live as a musician (while attending school). Louie lives in Ridgefield, Washington and we get together now and then to write songs and jam. He has some amazing gear that is a blast to play through. Some of the best gear I have is from Louie. Louie is the older brother I never had...I want to grow up and be just like him!Saint John at Trout Creek Bible Camp. Rich, Mark, Jay, Louie and Bob.

Mark Deymaz - Mark was the youth leader at Central Bible Church where we got our start. I have to credit him with getting me on track with music ministry. I remember talking with him at the Multnomah student ministries fair and telling him I was waiting on God to see what ministry He would have for me. I thought it would be missions or preaching. Without missing a beat (ta-ta-da), he said "Maybe God wants to use your gift of music in our youth group. Just give it a chance for a month and see what God says". Well, I was at Central Bible for 12 years....thanks Mark!
Mark's charisma and drive opened doors for us as a band. Much of our early success as a band was due to his connections and negotiations. Mark and Linda live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mark is an expert in multi-cultural churches and helps churches reach out to their communities and become more multi-cultural.

Saint John at Trout Creek Bible Camp. Mark Brotherton's first concert with us on keyboard.Mark Brotherton - When Mark Deymaz moved to Germany in 1990 to work with Oversees Christian Servicemen's Centers, Mark Brotherton stepped in to play keyboard and sing. Mark is also a guitar player and song writer. He played on the "Before I Go Home" album.

Eric Brown - Eric Brown played bass with Saint John for a short time after Louie Leonardo stepped out of the band in 1992.

Jamie Lawrie - Jamie played bass with Saint John in 1993 when we recorded the last album "Saint John." Jamie brought some renewed energy and ideas to our creative process.

Saint John in Germany.Jay St. John at a concert in Silverton, Oregon. Nice outfit!Jay St. John in the studio recording Positively Rock. This mixing board was not hooked up. Probably a good thing!Bob Gerig, Louie Leonardo, Eric Brown and Jay St. John at Jay's birthday party in 1992.Jay St. John and John Stone at a Trout Creek concert in 1987. Notice the Saint John shirt!Saint John at Trout Creek Bible Camp.

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